Melbourne. insane building capital of the OZ

This image of me isn’t from Melbourne. But I was working at the time. And this trip is proving to be even more difficult to endure. And this time I’m not drinking.

AGDC in Melbourne, 2004. I’ve been in town for a week and it’s been a pretty crap week all told. Tomorrow is the big talking day. Three out of four sessions. I will own that room or go nuts. It’s a fine line. I have to get on a plane to go to Sydney on Sunday to talk at AEAF. Looks like I’m doing that one alone.

I’ll post some more when I can get my brain together.

Find a Vein

I got onto the Beta of World of Warcraft. I’ve never played a MMO before. Hell I remember when they were called MMORPG’s. Anyway I am now an online game junkie.

There is some very impressive technology in this game. Terrain generation never looked so damn pretty. I’ve never thought that displacement maps as levels were a good idea. But the way that blizzard has reinforced the world with props is very impressive.

Most Impressive


Back at work now. After three weeks off it was really hard to switch that computer on, sit down and get back to it. But I’m getting the rhythm back. And I’ve started a new shooting project, which is kicking arse at the moment. So what better way to celebrate than to update. So I’ve added a Giant Heads folder. Take a look. You can see why people in art circles used to call me the giant head guy…

Oh and for the person who wanted to see the spyro image again. You can find it in the Untilted folder in the photo section.


Everybody keeps dying

Richard Avedon is dead. He died two days ago from a brain hemorage. I just found out now. The reason I bring this up is that his work always meant a lot to me. During university I discovered this book that he did called The American West. It had a rather profound affect on me. I’ve been trying to track that book down ever since. Finally found one last year. It’s in spanish.

Been a shit year for dead photographers. First BressonEddie Adams last month and now Avedon. I hope that Robert Frank can hold on for a little bit longer….

I found this on the Avedon website.

I don’t think pictures have to justify their existence by calling themselves works of art or photographic portraits. They are memories of a man; they are contradictory facets of an instant of his life as a subject – and of our lives as viewers. They are, as Barthes said, texts, and as such they exist to be read, interpreted, and argued over – not categorized and judged.
Richard Avedon
(On his portrait of Henry Kissinger)

Go find a copy of the American West. Get it back into print, so I can have an english version.

I’m back. Now what was I doing?

Holiday’s over, I’m back at work now. This picture has nothing to do with this at all.

Ty3 planning begins for me tomorrow. I promised to rule with an iron fist this time.

I should go and buy some gloves…..

Echo Beach… Far away in time


I’m on holiday. It’s great, I’ve been on holiday for a week and I’ve only been into work three times. Work seems to be a lot like crack. It’s really hard to get out of the habit.

Anyway I’m heading off for the next week. So I’ll have some more to post when I get back.

We’re heading for Venus

I made a new word today.


“This problem is a shit-onion”

Just as you finish fixing an issue you find a new layer to the problem. Clean up that bit and you find another. And so on. Doing this usually makes you cry.

Mommy. I want to go home


I went to the ekka yesterday. For those of you who don’t live in Brisbane the ekka is a very large week long country fair in the middle of a city. Anyway I’ll be posting some stuff up in the Bessa folder but until the film is ready this will have to do…

Gimme Five


Lay one on me. I’m Bug free. I rock.

Well it’s getting closer and closer. Soon the game will be over. Soon Gold master and then Sony /Nintendo /Microsoft submission and then I can shave the damn goatee off.

I’ve got Saturday off (it’s my birthday) so if I can stay bug free till the end of Friday I should have a pretty good weekend. Fingers crossed

I got toys


I bought this Voightlander Bessa-L for my birthday. (I’m still not sure why, I haven’t shot film in 5 years) This is the first test roll that I put through. It’s Kodak Ektapress 1600. They haven’t made this film for about four years. It’s been sitting in my fridge for about 6. I learnt the following lessons. The cameras meter is a little flaky. Likes to get confused. Stick with the lab that you know and like. Sure another lab might sound good. But their scans leave a lot to be desired…