Japan 05 – TGS -1 day

I’m in Tokyo. it’s cheaper here than Kyoto. And yet there is so much to buy. I’m damn tired. This holiday isn’t very relaxing. Going to Studio Ghibli today and then having dinner for my talk tomorrow. I’ll be a lot more relaxed when that’s over. Update soon. When I get a chance to breathe

Japan 05 – Day 05 (extra)

Oh yes. She will be mine.

Japan 05 -Day 05

Went to see Himiji Castle. It was insanely hot. We moved to a new hotel. No free broadband, makes matt a sad panda. On the way back from the castle we shopped at Osaka and I finally found a camera shop. That might have been a bad move. I am now tring to figure out how much money I can spend and still eat.

Finally beginning to relax.


Japan 05 – Day 03

Feet want to kill me. Today was a bit of a half day. Went to a temple. Tested the waters with the trains. Layed out most of the speach for next week. Sleep now. Tomorrow is shopping and Hotel moving.



Japan 05 – Day 01

I’m in Japan. And yes there was a Typhoon. It was very windy but mostly a little dull. I’ve been walking like an idiot. But I just figured out that the hotel has free broadband. Did you hear that FREE. I’ll set some stuff up to post tonight. Right after I go and get drunk with some old friends at an irish pub.

matt the monkey

Japan 05 – Day 02

And I’m back. The pub was awesome. The open mic was fun. I even did a handstand with a roof that was too low.

I’ve uploaded the first run of pics. Click on the photos link at the top.


UPDATE: since moving servers all photos are here

It’s going to be just like the Adam Ant song.

I’ll be in Japan in two days. Tuesday the 6th to be exact. It’s going to be a long trip. And it’s going to be awesome. For those looking to get in touch, I’ll be checking my email (when i can flog some wifi). I’ll also be on MSN when I’m on. You can get me on polymonkey at hotmail dot com.  I don’t check that account I just use it for MSN. So if you feel like writing something, use the web link above.

I guarentee that even though I typed that address I’ll start getting spam.

Stay tuned. Insane travel photos coming soon.

Matt the monkey

Week two: Electric Boogaloo

This is my second week at Pandemic. And so far it’s going along well. I have my own rubbish bin. I feel very pampered. Looks like everything is in order for the trip to Japan. Only 11 days to go.

In crazy, I didn’t expect it news. It looks like I’ll be giving a talk at the Tokyo Game Show while I’m there. I’ll be delivering a speech on the Queensland games Industry. They needed someone and I’ll be there, so I get to wear the hat. I have a new laptop so I feel very tech’d up for the task.

For everyone who enjoyed my live coverage of E3, you’ll be happy to now that I’ll be doing the same for my trip to japan. I can’t wait.

More later

Matt the monkey

That’s it from me

Today was my last day at Krome. I want to thank everyone for being so nice. And for Steve’s hug. It was a weird day. And a very sad day. Sure I’m moving down the road but it still feels like I’m leaving my friends.

If you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye or you want to give me that final punch in the face. I’ll be having lunch at Plan B in brunswick street (it used to be cafe scene) on friday at 12.30pm.

The hacker me is much cooler

I’ve just updated the style sheet on the site. All images that lead somewhere are coloured. They used to be in black and white. I’ve been looking at the site in firefox and the black and white didn’t work. It looked better without it, so now IE gets to see things in colour as well.

Apart from that I’ve always worried about posting black and white images and confusing people. I worry about these things.

(and don’t worry Jason, I made sure to back up the file before I messed with it)