To Mr Crimmins

I got you’re email. But when I try to reply to you’re email address I get a delivery failure. So try again.


Sunday Working

It’s sunday in the middle of Feb. The random image has been taken down in an effort to try and get the front page running a little faster on load. Pretty sure that didn’t fix it. But will be fixed soon.

I’m still a little web 1.0 over here. Hell I’m barely web. But it’s comp time. There are 5 art comps coming up. The first two are due on the 16th of march. Crazy time.

Flamingos at the Hong Kong Zoo

It’s going to take a while to finish uploading all this stuff. As now I also have video. This was one of my favourite finds. The flamingos at the HK zoo

Of interesting note is that this video has white boarders. Sure it’s dead easy to upload and sure it’s dead easy to embed. But tweaking it sucks hard.

Update. White boarders are gone. Well spotted Mr Freakdesign. Well spotted.

Youtube video experiment

this is a test. lets see if it breaks everything.

things learnt from the test.

1. youtube doesn’t seam to work under IE 7.

2. youtube didn’t put a keyframe in the first frame. but that is probably my fault

3. the video is too wide for the site layout.

interesting. I’ll work on 2 and 3. number 1 isn’t my problem.

but if you want to view the test at youtube. go to this link

Back from Honkers

Back from Hong Kong. And about to go to work. I’ll be posting up the the photos over the next few days. And now that I’ve cleaned the study and have a clear head, I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff that I neglected while I was woking on DAH2. So sit back and relax. It’s time for 2007.

In Hong Kong (internet is back too)

Standin’ on the corneeeeeeeeer in Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnnnnng…
[untranscribable fantasy chinese:] mnja njung
My Baby was dooooooooooown in Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnnnnng
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng…ijajio magiau
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng…bimiau miagmiau
It’s bad to be alooooooooooonnnne…baumiaamibau-miaaa
In Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnnnnng!

WORRY! Worries ’bout you babyyyyyyyyyy!!!
You’ve been down too loooooooonnnnnng!
Worry ’bout you, babyyyyyyyyyyy!
You’ve been down too loooooooonnnnnng!

Hong Kooooonnnnnnnng…bling blang bung bling bing bla blu blub
Hong Kooooonnnnnnnng…babliblibliamunbladaiiii-jajung
It’s bad to be aloooooooooonnnne!

Habu dibu doba
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnng
Habu dibu dubu dabu da
Hong Kooonnnnnnnnnng

I abuja gjiaa
Siggi kameing
Mogu bipain
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnng!

Siggi kameing
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnng!

Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng!
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng!!!

Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng!

lyrics by Jalacy Hawkins (Screaming Jay Hawkins)

one year over

The game I’ve spent the last year on is in final testing now. Was uploaded this morning at 5am.

I was asleep. I’ve come into work this morning to hand in my leave form. It’s been a long year since I left Krome. I’ve been crunching since the E3 build back at the end of April. Doing between 60 to 80 hours a week. Working most weekends. As an artist on the team I made almost no art. Focusing instead on wrangling the vast quantity of data the rest of the art team generated. I’ve lost a few friends. I hardly see my family. I think I pushed my relationship a little too far. But I am proud of the work that I’ve done. I just have shell shock at the moment.

I only got a chance to play the game with some distance last week. I’ve never enjoyed one of my own games so much. Would have preferred to make it without the personal sacrifice but it is an amazingly funny piece of work.

It’ll be on shelves at the end of October. Hopefully before the PS3. This will be the last PS2 game that I ever make. I think we’ve left that console with a fitting goodbye.

2005. the ice-cream, hot-poker year.

Well that’s over. It was a long year. But I’m on holiday now and feeling quite content. So go back to the rest of the internet. This section is having a rest.

Japan 05 – The End

It’s over. I’m back home. We found out we would have to auction body parts to get all our stuff on the plane. So we had to post it all. Which means that over the next few weeks I get to relive my entire trip. And if it all gets lost in the mail then we will never speak of it again.


Japan 05 – Day TGS

The day after TGS. I came, I saw, I gave my talk. The industry here is really different from the west. E3 and TGS are a world apart. I paid a fortune to get into a meet and greet. I met the CEO of Capcom. I made him laugh and I got his business card. It’s a beautiful card.

We flaked out today and took it easy. I am totally stuffed. I’m going back tomorrow to watch the fans.


P.S. yeah I bought that camera from 2 posts ago. The pile of things to bring back home is huge. It is phat loot. It is pirate plunder from the orient.