So like, what happened to Matt?

night merry go round with no focus

Over the last few months I’ve been working on a number of projects that are slowly getting to a stage where I can talk about them. In the coming weeks I’ll be updating the site and writing up some details on all of them. But as a teaser.

One of the big one’s was work that I did for Qube Konstrukt. Qube was after something different while they worked for SBS ONE and SBS TWO. So enter Processing and that Generative “look”. As luck would have it they called me up, had a chat and hit the ground running making cool stuff.

There are few projects that I’ve worked on that have been so rewarding. It was a dream to work on, and Qube are flat out awesome. And now the output is slowly making it’s way into the world. To begin with SBS has posted a (badly compressed) selection of their new station id’s to their facebook page. You can see them here.

The first two are from Qube, the next two are by Mighty Nice and the last three are from Iloura. Amazing stuff all round. The sound reactive particle system in the first one (the red one) is mine.

It’s over, and now we’re free.

Pandemic Brisbane closed it’s doors yesterday.

I joined at the start of DAH2 and in the four years I was there I experienced the best working environment that I’ve ever known. If there are better teams and better people out there then I pray I find them one day.

At the end of DAH2 when THQ took the license back, The Bravo Team picked their name first so we became known as the Alpha Team. We moved upstairs, Bravo started up their game and we just kept working. That first 9 months of pitching and experimenting and trying to nail the game idea was amazing. It changed the way I work, the way I look at the job. The respect we had for one another was impressive. That doesn’t just happen. It’s built, day by day.

I equate it to a band that just kept playing, every month we got better. You’d know how every person would play. You’d know how everyone could shine. We got tight and the product was amazing. One day people will see it. And it’ll be seen for what it is. The best game we’ll all never finish.

Your faithful tech.


GCAP 2008 – And now my talk

Some wonderful people posted the entire talk on you tube. That’s brilliant I was told no one got it. So here it is…

Details »

My screen is full of lines

More videos of stuff I’m working on at the moment. This time vector forces and particle collision are sitting on my mind.

Vector Force System from matt ditton on Vimeo.

GCAP 2008 – Videos from my talk

These are videos of some the software that I showed off at GCAP

Drawing With Strings from matt ditton on Vimeo.

HeightField Demo from matt ditton on Vimeo.

Particle System Demo from matt ditton on Vimeo.

Slitscanning Workspace Demo from matt ditton on Vimeo.

Space Invader Class from matt ditton on Vimeo.

GCAP 2008 – Slides from my talk

On Friday I gave a talk at GCAP. The topic was on teaching artists to program and how this can benefit the whole team. It was a chance to show off some of the experiences I’ve had through the year while teaching processing.

It’s also got a few tips on how to write code for other artists in your team to use. The whole thing went over well, and as promised here are the slides from the talk. If I’m really lucky maybe I can get a recording of it.

the link to the doc

1 minute 32 seconds of pure genius.

natalie portman’s shaved head – sophisticated side ponytail.

The bit at 1.10 where the whale eats the katamary ball of the band is inspired. Also the band has taken 1995 and injected all that awesome into their virtual reality bonus zone. Make sure you’ve got sound. The midi is to die for.


Objloader version 014 up on google code

Now with VBO!

One piece of advice for all who come after me. When dealing with arrays in opengl, remember that the stride of an array IS IN BYTES. That’s right F**KING BYTES. One Float is 4 bytes. to get to the second element in a float array you need to skip 4 bytes. Motherfu—-.

Seriously I spent about 8 hours on that bug. Just another example of information so common knowledge I knew nothing about it. Opengl you are a fickle mistress.


StarCraft 2 now Diablo 3, this is the end of days.

Diablo 3 was announced today. After seeing the game play video I understand that whenever it gets released I do not want a game coming out anywhere near it. You can’t fight that kind of awesome. Just stand back and think “So that’s how you do a teaser video”.

The release of any game by Blizzard will cause a singularity that will destroy the non-Blizzard shelves of your local gaming store. If you’re making a PC game right now, you’d better hurry and get it to market. When Blizzard releases Starcraft or Diablo you aren’t going to sell anything for about six months.

Of course knowing the Blizzard release system (roll 5 D20, 100 means it’s ready) you’ve probably got a bit of time.


Make your own Engrish

Homo Sausage

Fun with translators. Type in a simple phrase. and then keep translating the output till it can’t translate anything else. For example.

  1. Hello what is your name?
  2. When there is a name, present several?
  3. Is there a multiple which when name shows?
  4. When name shows, is there a multiple?
  5. When name multiple it shows there, is?
  6. The first-rate multiple which when, is shown there where it is?
  7. At the place where it has that, the time it is shown first-rate multiple there?
  8. At the place where it has that, has time that been shown first-rate multiple there?
  9. At the place where it has that to that, time has been shown thing first-rate multiple there, it is?
  10. At the place where it has that the, had time been shown the first-rate multiple of thing, there where that it is?
  11. Time having been shown the first-rate multiple of thing in the place where it has, there it is the that somewhere?
  12. At the place where it has first-rate multiple of thing the time when it is shown, there it is that somewhere?
  13. Is first-rate multiple of time thing as for that, there of a certain place which is shown that somewhere?
  14. Is first-rate multiple time a certain place which is shown thing somewhere, there in regard to that?
  15. Is first-rate multiplex time a certain place which has been shown somewhere thing in regard to that, there?