Friday 2: the quickening


It’s Saturday and up my end of the room it’s quiet. Ahh the post Beta glow. Your still stunned from the work but your very scared of breaking anything. And you still have to work on a Saturday but you don’t really have to do much. Very strange.

Mostly I just think I missed something. That will fade. It always does.

Well my birthday present to myself turned up. I did end up getting this one. Beautiful little thing. I found some film in my fridge from 7 years ago. So I thought I’d give that a run. It is pre 9/11 film as tony pointed out. More innocent.

As for the photo above. I pass this on the way to lunch. Like most street art, it’s been torn and fucked up now. But she was a pretty little thing.



Very slow at work at the moment. The servers are down cause we have a virus. What better time to update. Although I can’t really think of anything to say.

I paid off my air conditioner this morning……. I’m going to buy a couch….
Birthday’s coming up and I’m gonna buy myself a camera. I think I’m going to get this one… Yeah I know it’s a film camera. but It’s my birthday damn it.

I’m going home. Just like Frankenfurter.


tony -
Matt, why can’t we go home yet?

matt -
Because we haven’t hit Beta.

So when will we hit Beta.

When we get to go home…



Well the exhibition went well. If you missed it here is a picture of the main room.

impressive huh. You can see the larger version of the pic in the TimeLight folder in the photo section. And If you want to know I’m still not sure If I’ve sold anything. But I have a feeling that I won’t be buying that sexy 10 by 8 camera that I had my eye on. If you get my meaning…

But my main focus at the moment is the game. Fingers crossed, we’ll go Beta on Friday. If this means nothing to you, don’t worry; it’ll all be over soon. Then maybe we’ll have a little chat about the inner workings of the billion dollar computer games industry. Then again I’d rather talk about this holiday I’m looking forward too….

it’s done. it’s in the can…


Well it’s friday. Tonight is the opening. I’m working the weekend. Beta is on Wednesday. And paranoia of unknown faults in the level is setting in.

I hung the show yesterday. It looks great. All I have to do now is show up and make sure that my friends don’t drink too much. That’s going to be the hard part…..

work goes ever on….


It’s Monday. Didn’t really have a weekend. Worked Saturday and Sunday (at home on the sly) so I think it’ll be an early one tonight. No point in posting a photo of myself again. Cause nothing has really changed since the last one. But this little dude keeps my smiling….

Tony said…


he said I should call this as good as it gets..

oh this is what I look like when I haven’t gotten enough sleep.

exhibition site is up


Gallery 482 updated it’s website today and they have some info about the exhibition. you can look here….

and here is a silly picture of Jason after chinese food.

will this game ever end

So we’re two weeks out from Beta now. This morning Beta was only four days away. It’s amazing what happens in a day. For example I got to do a one hour level fix over the course of six hours. Amazing.

But you really should check out W3RKFORCE some friends of mine do it and this weeks gave me quite a chuckle.