So like, what happened to Matt?

night merry go round with no focus

Over the last few months I’ve been working on a number of projects that are slowly getting to a stage where I can talk about them. In the coming weeks I’ll be updating the site and writing up some details on all of them. But as a teaser.

One of the big one’s was work that I did for Qube Konstrukt. Qube was after something different while they worked for SBS ONE and SBS TWO. So enter Processing and that Generative “look”. As luck would have it they called me up, had a chat and hit the ground running making cool stuff.

There are few projects that I’ve worked on that have been so rewarding. It was a dream to work on, and Qube are flat out awesome. And now the output is slowly making it’s way into the world. To begin with SBS has posted a (badly compressed) selection of their new station id’s to their facebook page. You can see them here.

The first two are from Qube, the next two are by Mighty Nice and the last three are from Iloura. Amazing stuff all round. The sound reactive particle system in the first one (the red one) is mine.

not a bad week

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m going to see Batman tonight. (skipping training) I sold the Tamsin work at the Prometheus and got the cheque. Then I got paid from a commison that I finished last week and then I got a letter stating that I’m a finalist in the Haselhurst Award. And I’ve made the commitment to go to Japan in September. All in all not a bad week. We hit alpha last week and I’m working on Sunday but still. Not a bad week.

Matt the monkey


Back at work now. After three weeks off it was really hard to switch that computer on, sit down and get back to it. But I’m getting the rhythm back. And I’ve started a new shooting project, which is kicking arse at the moment. So what better way to celebrate than to update. So I’ve added a Giant Heads folder. Take a look. You can see why people in art circles used to call me the giant head guy…

Oh and for the person who wanted to see the spyro image again. You can find it in the Untilted folder in the photo section.


Echo Beach… Far away in time


I’m on holiday. It’s great, I’ve been on holiday for a week and I’ve only been into work three times. Work seems to be a lot like crack. It’s really hard to get out of the habit.

Anyway I’m heading off for the next week. So I’ll have some more to post when I get back.

Gimme Five


Lay one on me. I’m Bug free. I rock.

Well it’s getting closer and closer. Soon the game will be over. Soon Gold master and then Sony /Nintendo /Microsoft submission and then I can shave the damn goatee off.

I’ve got Saturday off (it’s my birthday) so if I can stay bug free till the end of Friday I should have a pretty good weekend. Fingers crossed

Friday 2: the quickening


It’s Saturday and up my end of the room it’s quiet. Ahh the post Beta glow. Your still stunned from the work but your very scared of breaking anything. And you still have to work on a Saturday but you don’t really have to do much. Very strange.

Mostly I just think I missed something. That will fade. It always does.

Well my birthday present to myself turned up. I did end up getting this one. Beautiful little thing. I found some film in my fridge from 7 years ago. So I thought I’d give that a run. It is pre 9/11 film as tony pointed out. More innocent.

As for the photo above. I pass this on the way to lunch. Like most street art, it’s been torn and fucked up now. But she was a pretty little thing.



Very slow at work at the moment. The servers are down cause we have a virus. What better time to update. Although I can’t really think of anything to say.

I paid off my air conditioner this morning……. I’m going to buy a couch….
Birthday’s coming up and I’m gonna buy myself a camera. I think I’m going to get this one… Yeah I know it’s a film camera. but It’s my birthday damn it.

I’m going home. Just like Frankenfurter.


tony -
Matt, why can’t we go home yet?

matt -
Because we haven’t hit Beta.

So when will we hit Beta.

When we get to go home…



Well the exhibition went well. If you missed it here is a picture of the main room.

impressive huh. You can see the larger version of the pic in the TimeLight folder in the photo section. And If you want to know I’m still not sure If I’ve sold anything. But I have a feeling that I won’t be buying that sexy 10 by 8 camera that I had my eye on. If you get my meaning…

But my main focus at the moment is the game. Fingers crossed, we’ll go Beta on Friday. If this means nothing to you, don’t worry; it’ll all be over soon. Then maybe we’ll have a little chat about the inner workings of the billion dollar computer games industry. Then again I’d rather talk about this holiday I’m looking forward too….

work goes ever on….


It’s Monday. Didn’t really have a weekend. Worked Saturday and Sunday (at home on the sly) so I think it’ll be an early one tonight. No point in posting a photo of myself again. Cause nothing has really changed since the last one. But this little dude keeps my smiling….