Dumping Screenshots from Unity

This might come in handy to a few people so I thought I’d post it here. This is just a dead simple script for taking a screen shot of a Unity Project. Add it to a gameObject and watch it drop out frames.


Right click and save this file -> save_me_some_frames

Another Unity Test

In which we try a second method of showing Unity work on a wordpress blog. This one wasn’t hard at all.

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Unity Test

In which I test the uploading of a Unity Scene. How hard can it be?

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No. It wasn’t a mistake.

48hr Game Challenge from Monkey Something

I’ve just had the best weekend I’ve had all year. I got 5 hours sleep. I ate nothing but crap (apart from Kieran’s pies). I lost it in front of some students, and we made a damn cute game.

This is Thunderheads Garden. You play a happy raincloud in the garden of the mad giant Thunderhead. You spend your days growing sunflowers and watching the happy bunnies multiply. But when Thunderhead gets angry he flips the world to hate and you have to use the flowers as a gasoline trail to wipe out the evil bunnies.

So it’s like a family game. And it’s for 3 players.

I’ll get a web version uploaded after another nap.

Can I make a game in 48 hours?

This could be a mistake.
Almost on a dare I put together a bunch of friends and we are all in the 48hr Game Making Challenge. GameOn/QUT/iCi/Acid and the amazing Truna have put together an impressive event. There will be 17 student teams and 3 pro teams competing over this weekend. I’m in the Monkey Something pro team and all 6 of us have never made a game in under 9 months, Actually I average 2 years to make a game. So 48 hours is going to be a stretch.
There will also be 3 very brave teams from the (Griffith Film School) Games Design, where I lecture. Milk n’ Pickles, Sick Fish and Immigration Office will all be part of the first public appearance of the Griffith Games students.
To make things more interesting nearly everyone on the 3 separate pro teams have worked together. So this could be the weekend for long held grudges to surface.
You can read about it here http://www.48hrgamecomp.com/ Over the weekend it will be blogged and streamed live at that address. Or you can rock up to QUT Kelvin Grove and check it out. Any time of the weekend really. We’ll all be there.
Those who are about to game salute you.

Processing vs. Unity

Recently I’ve been using Unity3D. And I’m impressed. I’ve been working in game engines for about a decade and I’ve never encountered one that is so easy to use. It’s got basically everything you need, integrated with any package you’d want to use, and you can get a license for $200. That is amazing.

Because I’m also teaching it I’ve been putting together a bit of reference material about it. The first one is a Processing vs. Unity document. It covers some of the syntax differences between UnityScript (a Mono run version of JavaScript) and Processing (well it’s Java under the hood). and here it is..