I’m not sure how I feel about that.

visits from odd groups

On the day I was uploading a LOT of very old images to flickr I got a LOT of visits from a yahoo group called “ladies in costume”. They were very focused on a few images that I had of Jamie who wore the TY mascot back in 2002. Well that makes sense really, that is what their group is into.

The creepy part about it was back in 2002 when I was the spotter for that costume at E3, I had my first run in with a furry. There was a guy who kept coming around to the booth, not interested in the game but taking a lot of photos of the suit. I popped over, said hi and started the creepiest conversation ever.

He told me about his hobby (I was innocent at the time). He asked about the TY suit. The girl in the suit. How long she could stay in the suit. He boasted about how long he could stay in his suit, and then proceeded to show off a large number of photos of his suit. He even had a badge photo of it. And then his friends suits. And him in his suit. And him with his friends in their suits with him in his suit. And then I think I got rescued and had to walk away.

I don’t think this situation is like that situation. But some memories you just can’t repress enough.