Minecraft vs Starcraft. Some research.

I’m giving a talk in a couple of months on the very weird state of the games industry. So I’ll be posting some info as I collect it. To begin, 2 giants of 2010 both with Craft in the name. Presenting the last 6 months of popular interest in Minecraft vs Starcraft. (The large peek in July is the Starcraft launch date)
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StarCraft 2 now Diablo 3, this is the end of days.

Diablo 3 was announced today. After seeing the game play video I understand that whenever it gets released I do not want a game coming out anywhere near it. You can’t fight that kind of awesome. Just stand back and think “So that’s how you do a teaser video”.

The release of any game by Blizzard will cause a singularity that will destroy the non-Blizzard shelves of your local gaming store. If you’re making a PC game right now, you’d better hurry and get it to market. When Blizzard releases Starcraft or Diablo you aren’t going to sell anything for about six months.

Of course knowing the Blizzard release system (roll 5 D20, 100 means it’s ready) you’ve probably got a bit of time.