Processing SBS and HD

SBS ONE, First Australians from matt ditton on Vimeo.

I’ve posted a version of the processing SBS work to vimeo. You can watch it in all it’s HD glory.

So like, what happened to Matt?

night merry go round with no focus

Over the last few months I’ve been working on a number of projects that are slowly getting to a stage where I can talk about them. In the coming weeks I’ll be updating the site and writing up some details on all of them. But as a teaser.

One of the big one’s was work that I did for Qube Konstrukt. Qube was after something different while they worked for SBS ONE and SBS TWO. So enter Processing and that Generative “look”. As luck would have it they called me up, had a chat and hit the ground running making cool stuff.

There are few projects that I’ve worked on that have been so rewarding. It was a dream to work on, and Qube are flat out awesome. And now the output is slowly making it’s way into the world. To begin with SBS has posted a (badly compressed) selection of their new station id’s to their facebook page. You can see them here.

The first two are from Qube, the next two are by Mighty Nice and the last three are from Iloura. Amazing stuff all round. The sound reactive particle system in the first one (the red one) is mine.