Flamingos at the Hong Kong Zoo

It’s going to take a while to finish uploading all this stuff. As now I also have video. This was one of my favourite finds. The flamingos at the HK zoo

Of interesting note is that this video has white boarders. Sure it’s dead easy to upload and sure it’s dead easy to embed. But tweaking it sucks hard.

Update. White boarders are gone. Well spotted Mr Freakdesign. Well spotted.

Youtube video experiment

this is a test. lets see if it breaks everything.

things learnt from the test.

1. youtube doesn’t seam to work under IE 7.

2. youtube didn’t put a keyframe in the first frame. but that is probably my fault

3. the video is too wide for the site layout.

interesting. I’ll work on 2 and 3. number 1 isn’t my problem.

but if you want to view the test at youtube. go to this link

The hacker me is much cooler

I’ve just updated the style sheet on the site. All images that lead somewhere are coloured. They used to be in black and white. I’ve been looking at the site in firefox and the black and white didn’t work. It looked better without it, so now IE gets to see things in colour as well.

Apart from that I’ve always worried about posting black and white images and confusing people. I worry about these things.

(and don’t worry Jason, I made sure to back up the file before I messed with it)