Objloader version 014 up on google code

Now with VBO!

One piece of advice for all who come after me. When dealing with arrays in opengl, remember that the stride of an array IS IN BYTES. That’s right F**KING BYTES. One Float is 4 bytes. to get to the second element in a float array you need to skip 4 bytes. Motherfu—-.

Seriously I spent about 8 hours on that bug. Just another example of information so common knowledge I knew nothing about it. Opengl you are a fickle mistress.


We’re up on google code

city lights river view

In the last week I’ve been putting the two libraries I’m involved in up on google code. So the OBJLoader and the Collada Loader both have nice safe source controlled homes. Over the coming weeks I’ll be making sure that all documentation and examples are also up on google code.

the OBJLoader
the Collada Loader

June. Quick year so far.

Time is moving faster. But I think I’m getting a lot done. Living in a new house now. That has taken up the majority of my time this year. Beautiful place. It even has it’s own Half-Life pipe. (It makes sense if you can see the view out the back door)

And I’m doing a lot more coding. In fact one of my happy achievements this year has been the work on the obj loader for processing. Saito (the creator of the library) asked me help out with the upkeep of it. Not bad for a photographer.

Also for anyone interested in studying art in computer games, QCA is starting up a 3 year degree in it next year. I’ll be helping with the writing and teaching. I’m really looking forward to it.

Also freakdesign has been hard at work on the new front end for the site. It looks rather spiffy. and you might even be reading this on it.