That’s it from me

Today was my last day at Krome. I want to thank everyone for being so nice. And for Steve’s hug. It was a weird day. And a very sad day. Sure I’m moving down the road but it still feels like I’m leaving my friends.

If you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye or you want to give me that final punch in the face. I’ll be having lunch at Plan B in brunswick street (it used to be cafe scene) on friday at 12.30pm.

Exist stage left

Well John has left the building. You can read the official release here. It’s a sad time. But if you want to talk to John about it, why not drop him a line at his site.

Well I’m on holiday. My mum is graduating her docterate and I’m heading down to see it. Yep it’s a week long road trip. and you know what that means. It’s photo time. Stay tuned…

It’s o so quiet

There is a lot to talk about. But it’s time to sit and be quiet. ssshhhhhh…

Gimme Five


Lay one on me. I’m Bug free. I rock.

Well it’s getting closer and closer. Soon the game will be over. Soon Gold master and then Sony /Nintendo /Microsoft submission and then I can shave the damn goatee off.

I’ve got Saturday off (it’s my birthday) so if I can stay bug free till the end of Friday I should have a pretty good weekend. Fingers crossed

Friday 2: the quickening


It’s Saturday and up my end of the room it’s quiet. Ahh the post Beta glow. Your still stunned from the work but your very scared of breaking anything. And you still have to work on a Saturday but you don’t really have to do much. Very strange.

Mostly I just think I missed something. That will fade. It always does.

Well my birthday present to myself turned up. I did end up getting this one. Beautiful little thing. I found some film in my fridge from 7 years ago. So I thought I’d give that a run. It is pre 9/11 film as tony pointed out. More innocent.

As for the photo above. I pass this on the way to lunch. Like most street art, it’s been torn and fucked up now. But she was a pretty little thing.



Very slow at work at the moment. The servers are down cause we have a virus. What better time to update. Although I can’t really think of anything to say.

I paid off my air conditioner this morning……. I’m going to buy a couch….
Birthday’s coming up and I’m gonna buy myself a camera. I think I’m going to get this one… Yeah I know it’s a film camera. but It’s my birthday damn it.