It’s going to be just like the Adam Ant song.

I’ll be in Japan in two days. Tuesday the 6th to be exact. It’s going to be a long trip. And it’s going to be awesome. For those looking to get in touch, I’ll be checking my email (when i can flog some wifi). I’ll also be on MSN when I’m on. You can get me on polymonkey at hotmail dot com.  I don’t check that account I just use it for MSN. So if you feel like writing something, use the web link above.

I guarentee that even though I typed that address I’ll start getting spam.

Stay tuned. Insane travel photos coming soon.

Matt the monkey

More comps and I’m off to Japan

rough of old man on bicycle by matt ditton (AKA polymonkey), on Flickr

The one above is the rough but the finished piece will be on display at the Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery as part of their award for art on paper. It’ll be up between the 9th of July and 21th of August. Pop along if you happen to be in Gymea. (it’s just south of Sydney). As I’ve got to hit Beta in 2 weeks and Gold in 6. I won’t be able to attend.

In other news I’m definitely heading to Japan in September. I’ll be checking out the Tokyo game show and spending the rest of the time shooting the shit out the trip. It’s time to get a new show together and what better subject matter than Japan. The list of things to do include

  • Catch up with one of my oldest friends
  • See a giant castle
  • See the temple of the thousand armed Buddha
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Love Hotels (purely scientific reasons)
  • Visit an 8 story stationary store
  • Buy some plastic food
  • and generally take a crap load of photos

So I guess the next question is anybody want their photo taken? If you read this and you live in Tokyo or Kyoto and you’ll be in town in the middle of september, I’d love to take your photo. Drop me a line on the email page and maybe we can tee something up.

But before then I have a game to finish. And probably another one to start.

Matt the monkey

not a bad week

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m going to see Batman tonight. (skipping training) I sold the Tamsin work at the Prometheus and got the cheque. Then I got paid from a commison that I finished last week and then I got a letter stating that I’m a finalist in the Haselhurst Award. And I’ve made the commitment to go to Japan in September. All in all not a bad week. We hit alpha last week and I’m working on Sunday but still. Not a bad week.

Matt the monkey