Nearly over. Nearly home.

a Pollock via iPhone and Pollock via Pollock

Tomorrow is Saturday and it’s really my last day of holiday. Sunday I’m getting a tour of the TOKYO GEIJUTSU DAIGAKU new media department from my old processing buddy Saito. I get the plane home on Monday, touchdown Tuesday and stand up in fronts of the first class of the year on Wednesday. I’m already damn tired and I’ve got a backlog of 40GB and growing of photos and video to get through. I’m leaving the photos for the plane.

Just one thing though. Visually this country is exhausting, Tokyo specifically. I’m good with iconography and body language so I’ve had no problems getting places or talking to people, just no existential topics. But I can’t read the language so I’m constantly searching for english in any signage. And the sheer number of fonts is driving me insane. How do people stand it here? After a day walking around I’m happy for any small part of familiar grounding. It did make me smile when I thought I saw comic sans at DisneyLand.

I’m going on Holiday !


From Saturday the 13th to March the 2nd I’m on holiday. I’m heading to Tokyo and camping in a hotel room for 2 weeks. Urban touristing. The sights I see will be the concrete and kitsch of the Tokyo MegaCity. I’ll be posting photos and a few posts no doubt. And I still have to finish my experimental gamplay entry for the month. So I’ll be doing stuff. But nothing serious. To kick that off there is another photo after the jump (click the post to see).

Japan 05 – The End

It’s over. I’m back home. We found out we would have to auction body parts to get all our stuff on the plane. So we had to post it all. Which means that over the next few weeks I get to relive my entire trip. And if it all gets lost in the mail then we will never speak of it again.


Japan 05 – Day TGS

The day after TGS. I came, I saw, I gave my talk. The industry here is really different from the west. E3 and TGS are a world apart. I paid a fortune to get into a meet and greet. I met the CEO of Capcom. I made him laugh and I got his business card. It’s a beautiful card.

We flaked out today and took it easy. I am totally stuffed. I’m going back tomorrow to watch the fans.


P.S. yeah I bought that camera from 2 posts ago. The pile of things to bring back home is huge. It is phat loot. It is pirate plunder from the orient.

Japan 05 – TGS -1 day

I’m in Tokyo. it’s cheaper here than Kyoto. And yet there is so much to buy. I’m damn tired. This holiday isn’t very relaxing. Going to Studio Ghibli today and then having dinner for my talk tomorrow. I’ll be a lot more relaxed when that’s over. Update soon. When I get a chance to breathe

Japan 05 – Day 05 (extra)

Oh yes. She will be mine.

Japan 05 -Day 05

Went to see Himiji Castle. It was insanely hot. We moved to a new hotel. No free broadband, makes matt a sad panda. On the way back from the castle we shopped at Osaka and I finally found a camera shop. That might have been a bad move. I am now tring to figure out how much money I can spend and still eat.

Finally beginning to relax.


Japan 05 – Day 03

Feet want to kill me. Today was a bit of a half day. Went to a temple. Tested the waters with the trains. Layed out most of the speach for next week. Sleep now. Tomorrow is shopping and Hotel moving.



Japan 05 – Day 01

I’m in Japan. And yes there was a Typhoon. It was very windy but mostly a little dull. I’ve been walking like an idiot. But I just figured out that the hotel has free broadband. Did you hear that FREE. I’ll set some stuff up to post tonight. Right after I go and get drunk with some old friends at an irish pub.

matt the monkey

Japan 05 – Day 02

And I’m back. The pub was awesome. The open mic was fun. I even did a handstand with a roof that was too low.

I’ve uploaded the first run of pics. Click on the photos link at the top.


UPDATE: since moving servers all photos are here