Experimental gameplay entry


This is my entry in the Jan 2010 comp running over at experimentalgameplay.com. The theme was 100 things. You can play it at the link below.


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The game is called theFIELD. And it’s quiet meditation on cube collection. Turn the lights down, breath, relax and push some cubes.
Controls are UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT and SPACE. Hopefully their use will be obvious.

So far it’s taken about 5 days to get it to this point. I got the gameplay nailed down in the first day and then it’s been tweak this, tweak that for 4. I even spent half a day on a possibly pretentious title screen (but there are 100 letters in the title). The music is by the wicked Joel (JiveMaster) Bird

I must give a big “dude your awesome” to Shawn Eustace, who when I asked for comments gave me a page of things I didn’t even see.

Comments and criticism are warmly encouraged.