Sunday Working

It’s sunday in the middle of Feb. The random image has been taken down in an effort to try and get the front page running a little faster on load. Pretty sure that didn’t fix it. But will be fixed soon.

I’m still a little web 1.0 over here. Hell I’m barely web. But it’s comp time. There are 5 art comps coming up. The first two are due on the 16th of march. Crazy time.

Everybody keeps dying

Richard Avedon is dead. He died two days ago from a brain hemorage. I just found out now. The reason I bring this up is that his work always meant a lot to me. During university I discovered this book that he did called The American West. It had a rather profound affect on me. I’ve been trying to track that book down ever since. Finally found one last year. It’s in spanish.

Been a shit year for dead photographers. First BressonEddie Adams last month and now Avedon. I hope that Robert Frank can hold on for a little bit longer….

I found this on the Avedon website.

I don’t think pictures have to justify their existence by calling themselves works of art or photographic portraits. They are memories of a man; they are contradictory facets of an instant of his life as a subject – and of our lives as viewers. They are, as Barthes said, texts, and as such they exist to be read, interpreted, and argued over – not categorized and judged.
Richard Avedon
(On his portrait of Henry Kissinger)

Go find a copy of the American West. Get it back into print, so I can have an english version.