Melbourne. insane building capital of the OZ

This image of me isn’t from Melbourne. But I was working at the time. And this trip is proving to be even more difficult to endure. And this time I’m not drinking.

AGDC in Melbourne, 2004. I’ve been in town for a week and it’s been a pretty crap week all told. Tomorrow is the big talking day. Three out of four sessions. I will own that room or go nuts. It’s a fine line. I have to get on a plane to go to Sydney on Sunday to talk at AEAF. Looks like I’m doing that one alone.

I’ll post some more when I can get my brain together.

I’m back. Now what was I doing?

Holiday’s over, I’m back at work now. This picture has nothing to do with this at all.

Ty3 planning begins for me tomorrow. I promised to rule with an iron fist this time.

I should go and buy some gloves…..