Japan 05 -Day 05

Went to see Himiji Castle. It was insanely hot. We moved to a new hotel. No free broadband, makes matt a sad panda. On the way back from the castle we shopped at Osaka and I finally found a camera shop. That might have been a bad move. I am now tring to figure out how much money I can spend and still eat.

Finally beginning to relax.


Japan 05 – Day 03

Feet want to kill me. Today was a bit of a half day. Went to a temple. Tested the waters with the trains. Layed out most of the speach for next week. Sleep now. Tomorrow is shopping and Hotel moving.



Japan 05 – Day 01

I’m in Japan. And yes there was a Typhoon. It was very windy but mostly a little dull. I’ve been walking like an idiot. But I just figured out that the hotel has free broadband. Did you hear that FREE. I’ll set some stuff up to post tonight. Right after I go and get drunk with some old friends at an irish pub.

matt the monkey

Japan 05 – Day 02

And I’m back. The pub was awesome. The open mic was fun. I even did a handstand with a roof that was too low.

I’ve uploaded the first run of pics. Click on the photos link at the top.


UPDATE: since moving servers all photos are here

It’s going to be just like the Adam Ant song.

I’ll be in Japan in two days. Tuesday the 6th to be exact. It’s going to be a long trip. And it’s going to be awesome. For those looking to get in touch, I’ll be checking my email (when i can flog some wifi). I’ll also be on MSN when I’m on. You can get me on polymonkey at hotmail dot com.  I don’t check that account I just use it for MSN. So if you feel like writing something, use the web link above.

I guarentee that even though I typed that address I’ll start getting spam.

Stay tuned. Insane travel photos coming soon.

Matt the monkey

Week two: Electric Boogaloo

This is my second week at Pandemic. And so far it’s going along well. I have my own rubbish bin. I feel very pampered. Looks like everything is in order for the trip to Japan. Only 11 days to go.

In crazy, I didn’t expect it news. It looks like I’ll be giving a talk at the Tokyo Game Show while I’m there. I’ll be delivering a speech on the Queensland games Industry. They needed someone and I’ll be there, so I get to wear the hat. I have a new laptop so I feel very tech’d up for the task.

For everyone who enjoyed my live coverage of E3, you’ll be happy to now that I’ll be doing the same for my trip to japan. I can’t wait.

More later

Matt the monkey

More comps and I’m off to Japan

rough of old man on bicycle by matt ditton (AKA polymonkey), on Flickr

The one above is the rough but the finished piece will be on display at the Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery as part of their award for art on paper. It’ll be up between the 9th of July and 21th of August. Pop along if you happen to be in Gymea. (it’s just south of Sydney). As I’ve got to hit Beta in 2 weeks and Gold in 6. I won’t be able to attend.

In other news I’m definitely heading to Japan in September. I’ll be checking out the Tokyo game show and spending the rest of the time shooting the shit out the trip. It’s time to get a new show together and what better subject matter than Japan. The list of things to do include

  • Catch up with one of my oldest friends
  • See a giant castle
  • See the temple of the thousand armed Buddha
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Love Hotels (purely scientific reasons)
  • Visit an 8 story stationary store
  • Buy some plastic food
  • and generally take a crap load of photos

So I guess the next question is anybody want their photo taken? If you read this and you live in Tokyo or Kyoto and you’ll be in town in the middle of september, I’d love to take your photo. Drop me a line on the email page and maybe we can tee something up.

But before then I have a game to finish. And probably another one to start.

Matt the monkey

not a bad week

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m going to see Batman tonight. (skipping training) I sold the Tamsin work at the Prometheus and got the cheque. Then I got paid from a commison that I finished last week and then I got a letter stating that I’m a finalist in the Haselhurst Award. And I’ve made the commitment to go to Japan in September. All in all not a bad week. We hit alpha last week and I’m working on Sunday but still. Not a bad week.

Matt the monkey

2004 – the year in review

This was a long year that went really fast. Highlights include

Polymonkey v2.0.
thanks to the insane amount of work by freakdesign and a minimal amount of input from me, The Polymonkey site was given a new lease on life in May. She’s beautiful and no longer a horrible bitch to update.

Matt the monkey gets a show.
In June I had my first solo show at Gallery 482 in Brisbane. Everybody loved it. Except me. I guess no matter how much you try you still see the mistakes. And photography just doesn’t sell in this town. But if you paint, you’ve got a licence to print money.

TY2 is in shops.
The main reason why I can’t remember middle half of the year. TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2 is now in stores and out of my life. The big thing that I did was the overworld. I model worlds for a living and this was one hell of a mesh. 350,000 polys, 280 textures and 2.5 by 1.5 kilometers in size. It was huge and it hurt for the last half of the year. It was all hand modeled after I muttered the phrase.

“terrain generation always looks like arse”

Now I’m playing World of Warcraft and I am eating those words for about 4 hours a day.

Games made me travel.
Went to E3AGDC and AEAF this year. Without a doubt the highlight was E3 and the Japan stopover. The entire thing was updated live on polymonkey. You can still see the fallout in the photo section.

So you may ask, what now?

TY3 is full steam ahead.
This time I’m not building much. (I just couldn’t handle another overworld) I’m just trying to make people not break. Which is a little harder than it sounds.

Japan is calling me.
We’ve already started to save. So if the bank balance goes well. I should be there for the Tokyo Game Show. and then a week of looking around and trying to photograph the place till it can take no more.

More photos.
Well it’s photo competition city coming up. There’s four due at the end of February. So that means more polish and finially finishing of some of those lingering projects. I’m still waiting to hear back about this commission that I might be getting. And I’m putting together some stuff for a grant. And I want to get another show together. This time one that is a little more themed, rather than be a collection.

And more Polymonkey.
I got the question this year of what is this site for. Funny cause I’ve never really thought of that before. I couldn’t answer and I still can’t. Except that it’s mine. And I need to get some things out there. For the moment that’s enough….

Matt the monkey

AEAF- This place is not for you.

I’m in Sydney for the Aeaf and I have the distinct feeling that Computer Games are not their primary focus. In fact I feel quite out of place. Warren Ellis said it best

“Speaking at a convention where you don’t know anyone sucks arse”
(Well he said something like that)

Went to the award dinner last night and polar express won best-animated film. I overheard the guy next to me say.

“What do you know, the train of the dammed picked something up. They spoke here this morning right?”

And then I went back to bed.