Another Unity Test

In which we try a second method of showing Unity work on a wordpress blog. This one wasn’t hard at all.

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Unity Test

In which I test the uploading of a Unity Scene. How hard can it be?

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Code Test

In which I post some code as a test of the new site.

[cce lang="java" ]
void runThusAndExit(){

for(int i = 0; i < 2010; i++){

print(“In case you missed it, this is a test.”);





Here world, try your hand at buildings.

You can now use Google Building Maker to model buildings in Google Earth.
Well you model by aligning blocks over the top of satellite photos and having those textures projection mapped onto the blocks. But there is something really smart about the user interface that’s shown off in the video.

Youtube video experiment

this is a test. lets see if it breaks everything.

things learnt from the test.

1. youtube doesn’t seam to work under IE 7.

2. youtube didn’t put a keyframe in the first frame. but that is probably my fault

3. the video is too wide for the site layout.

interesting. I’ll work on 2 and 3. number 1 isn’t my problem.

but if you want to view the test at youtube. go to this link