Code Test

In which I post some code as a test of the new site.

[cce lang="java" ]
void runThusAndExit(){

for(int i = 0; i < 2010; i++){

print(“In case you missed it, this is a test.”);





Here world, try your hand at buildings.

You can now use Google Building Maker to model buildings in Google Earth.
Well you model by aligning blocks over the top of satellite photos and having those textures projection mapped onto the blocks. But there is something really smart about the user interface that’s shown off in the video.

1 minute 32 seconds of pure genius.

natalie portman’s shaved head – sophisticated side ponytail.

The bit at 1.10 where the whale eats the katamary ball of the band is inspired. Also the band has taken 1995 and injected all that awesome into their virtual reality bonus zone. Make sure you’ve got sound. The midi is to die for.


StarCraft 2 now Diablo 3, this is the end of days.

Diablo 3 was announced today. After seeing the game play video I understand that whenever it gets released I do not want a game coming out anywhere near it. You can’t fight that kind of awesome. Just stand back and think “So that’s how you do a teaser video”.

The release of any game by Blizzard will cause a singularity that will destroy the non-Blizzard shelves of your local gaming store. If you’re making a PC game right now, you’d better hurry and get it to market. When Blizzard releases Starcraft or Diablo you aren’t going to sell anything for about six months.

Of course knowing the Blizzard release system (roll 5 D20, 100 means it’s ready) you’ve probably got a bit of time.


Make your own Engrish

Homo Sausage

Fun with translators. Type in a simple phrase. and then keep translating the output till it can’t translate anything else. For example.

  1. Hello what is your name?
  2. When there is a name, present several?
  3. Is there a multiple which when name shows?
  4. When name shows, is there a multiple?
  5. When name multiple it shows there, is?
  6. The first-rate multiple which when, is shown there where it is?
  7. At the place where it has that, the time it is shown first-rate multiple there?
  8. At the place where it has that, has time that been shown first-rate multiple there?
  9. At the place where it has that to that, time has been shown thing first-rate multiple there, it is?
  10. At the place where it has that the, had time been shown the first-rate multiple of thing, there where that it is?
  11. Time having been shown the first-rate multiple of thing in the place where it has, there it is the that somewhere?
  12. At the place where it has first-rate multiple of thing the time when it is shown, there it is that somewhere?
  13. Is first-rate multiple of time thing as for that, there of a certain place which is shown that somewhere?
  14. Is first-rate multiple time a certain place which is shown thing somewhere, there in regard to that?
  15. Is first-rate multiplex time a certain place which has been shown somewhere thing in regard to that, there?

Classic lines from game dev.

“I added this thing so that you can slow down time.
I couldn’t speed up time cause things explode”

Matt Clark

I have a very weird job.

Genius Moments in Game Design

Some damn funny game design over at Mazapan.

You Have To Burn The Rope

rock paper shotgun did a walkthrough

Absolute genius.

To Mr Crimmins

I got you’re email. But when I try to reply to you’re email address I get a delivery failure. So try again.


In Hong Kong (internet is back too)

Standin’ on the corneeeeeeeeer in Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnnnnng…
[untranscribable fantasy chinese:] mnja njung
My Baby was dooooooooooown in Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnnnnng
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng…ijajio magiau
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng…bimiau miagmiau
It’s bad to be alooooooooooonnnne…baumiaamibau-miaaa
In Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnnnnng!

WORRY! Worries ’bout you babyyyyyyyyyy!!!
You’ve been down too loooooooonnnnnng!
Worry ’bout you, babyyyyyyyyyyy!
You’ve been down too loooooooonnnnnng!

Hong Kooooonnnnnnnng…bling blang bung bling bing bla blu blub
Hong Kooooonnnnnnnng…babliblibliamunbladaiiii-jajung
It’s bad to be aloooooooooonnnne!

Habu dibu doba
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnng
Habu dibu dubu dabu da
Hong Kooonnnnnnnnnng

I abuja gjiaa
Siggi kameing
Mogu bipain
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnng!

Siggi kameing
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnng!

Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng!
Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng!!!

Hong Koooonnnnnnnnnng!

lyrics by Jalacy Hawkins (Screaming Jay Hawkins)

The hacker me is much cooler

I’ve just updated the style sheet on the site. All images that lead somewhere are coloured. They used to be in black and white. I’ve been looking at the site in firefox and the black and white didn’t work. It looked better without it, so now IE gets to see things in colour as well.

Apart from that I’ve always worried about posting black and white images and confusing people. I worry about these things.

(and don’t worry Jason, I made sure to back up the file before I messed with it)