Can I make a game in 48 hours?

This could be a mistake.
Almost on a dare I put together a bunch of friends and we are all in the 48hr Game Making Challenge. GameOn/QUT/iCi/Acid and the amazing Truna have put together an impressive event. There will be 17 student teams and 3 pro teams competing over this weekend. I’m in the Monkey Something pro team and all 6 of us have never made a game in under 9 months, Actually I average 2 years to make a game. So 48 hours is going to be a stretch.
There will also be 3 very brave teams from the (Griffith Film School) Games Design, where I lecture. Milk n’ Pickles, Sick Fish and Immigration Office will all be part of the first public appearance of the Griffith Games students.
To make things more interesting nearly everyone on the 3 separate pro teams have worked together. So this could be the weekend for long held grudges to surface.
You can read about it here Over the weekend it will be blogged and streamed live at that address. Or you can rock up to QUT Kelvin Grove and check it out. Any time of the weekend really. We’ll all be there.
Those who are about to game salute you.

You need to know about Eskil Steenberg

There is an MMO called Love being developed one man, Eskil Steenberg. This is his Blog. Look at this video.

Up to speed on the game? Ok now look at this video. And read this post, it’s long but it’s worth the effort. That’s the toolset for Love. He wrote that. It’s awesome. His ideas on development are inspired.

I’ve been following this for a while now, since I saw this article. But the reason for posting about it is that it looks like it’s getting close to release. And I can’t wait.

The Swarm is Coming

Swarm (working title) from matt ditton on Vimeo.

In the mad panic at the beginning of semester I totally forgot to post this video to the game I’m working on. Swarm is all made in openframeworks for the iPhone. There are also a bunch of support tools that I wrote in processing as well. More info soon.

It’s over, and now we’re free.

Pandemic Brisbane closed it’s doors yesterday.

I joined at the start of DAH2 and in the four years I was there I experienced the best working environment that I’ve ever known. If there are better teams and better people out there then I pray I find them one day.

At the end of DAH2 when THQ took the license back, The Bravo Team picked their name first so we became known as the Alpha Team. We moved upstairs, Bravo started up their game and we just kept working. That first 9 months of pitching and experimenting and trying to nail the game idea was amazing. It changed the way I work, the way I look at the job. The respect we had for one another was impressive. That doesn’t just happen. It’s built, day by day.

I equate it to a band that just kept playing, every month we got better. You’d know how every person would play. You’d know how everyone could shine. We got tight and the product was amazing. One day people will see it. And it’ll be seen for what it is. The best game we’ll all never finish.

Your faithful tech.


GCAP 2008 – Videos from my talk

These are videos of some the software that I showed off at GCAP

Drawing With Strings from matt ditton on Vimeo.

HeightField Demo from matt ditton on Vimeo.

Particle System Demo from matt ditton on Vimeo.

Slitscanning Workspace Demo from matt ditton on Vimeo.

Space Invader Class from matt ditton on Vimeo.

GCAP 2008 – Slides from my talk

On Friday I gave a talk at GCAP. The topic was on teaching artists to program and how this can benefit the whole team. It was a chance to show off some of the experiences I’ve had through the year while teaching processing.

It’s also got a few tips on how to write code for other artists in your team to use. The whole thing went over well, and as promised here are the slides from the talk. If I’m really lucky maybe I can get a recording of it.

the link to the doc

Classic lines from game dev.

“I added this thing so that you can slow down time.
I couldn’t speed up time cause things explode”

Matt Clark

I have a very weird job.

Genius Moments in Game Design

Some damn funny game design over at Mazapan.

You Have To Burn The Rope

rock paper shotgun did a walkthrough

Absolute genius.

one year over

The game I’ve spent the last year on is in final testing now. Was uploaded this morning at 5am.

I was asleep. I’ve come into work this morning to hand in my leave form. It’s been a long year since I left Krome. I’ve been crunching since the E3 build back at the end of April. Doing between 60 to 80 hours a week. Working most weekends. As an artist on the team I made almost no art. Focusing instead on wrangling the vast quantity of data the rest of the art team generated. I’ve lost a few friends. I hardly see my family. I think I pushed my relationship a little too far. But I am proud of the work that I’ve done. I just have shell shock at the moment.

I only got a chance to play the game with some distance last week. I’ve never enjoyed one of my own games so much. Would have preferred to make it without the personal sacrifice but it is an amazingly funny piece of work.

It’ll be on shelves at the end of October. Hopefully before the PS3. This will be the last PS2 game that I ever make. I think we’ve left that console with a fitting goodbye.

2005. the ice-cream, hot-poker year.

Well that’s over. It was a long year. But I’m on holiday now and feeling quite content. So go back to the rest of the internet. This section is having a rest.